Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31

Breaking new ground in ocean exploration and honoring the 50th anniversary of the monumental legacy left by Fabien’s grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau who is credited with creating the first ocean floor habitats for humans and leading a team of ocean explorers on the first attempt to live and work underwater.

Mission 31 Went Deeper

Based twice as deep as the original Cousteau Conshelf Two expedition in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary aboard Aquarius, the only underwater marine habitat and lab in the world.

Mission 31 Went Longer

Fabien and his team of aquanauts were the first mission of this length to take place in Aquarius and concurrently paid tribute to his grandfather’s Conshelf Two mission by expanding the Cousteau legacy by one full day for a total of 31 days.

Mission 31 Went Further

Using live, real-time 24/7 updates on multiple new technology channels, Fabien’s team exposed the world to the adventure, risk and mystique of what lies beneath, while highlighting the human-ocean connection within the lens of exploration and discovery.

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Fabien Cousteau's Mission 31 Diver and Hammerhead Shark Diver with Scooter Divers and Coral
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