Research & Education:

Mission 31 was founded on the passion to bring the lessons learned from the ocean floor back to the surface in real time. Through carrying out experiments researching the effects climate change and pollution have on coral reefs, developing and testing cutting-edge technologies, and engaging students around the world in STEM education lessons and live video chats via Skype in the Classroom. The mission proved to be a critical step in exposing the world to our life support system — the ocean.

Through a partnership with Skype in the Classroom, Mission 31 helped bring students around the world the first virtual Exploring Oceans conference. More than 8,000 students from over 24 countries participated in more than 300 Skype in the Classroom sessions with international ocean experts and adventurers.

During Mission 31, the aquanauts took part in similar sessions to help bring the wonders of the ocean to students worldwide.

To help bring ocean education to a wider audience, Mission 31 has been working with Cerego, an innovative online platform that helps students learn, and more importantly, retain the knowledge through the power of a science-based platform. Learn interesting facts about the science, people and technology involved in Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31 expedition. Educational sets ranging from the history of underwater habitats to zooplankton are available online at Track your progress and see what you have learned.

Click here to explore Mission 31’s educational content on Cerego.

Developed for Mission 31, the Cousteau Curriculum provides flexible and robust lesson plans on ocean education and conservation. This important component of the mission adheres to the new Common Core Standards and NGSS and addresses a defined need in the academic community for greater environmental and science content for elementary, junior high, and high school courses.

To date, only approximately 5% of the ocean has been explored. Even with such little knowledge of the ecosystem that supports life on our planet, we realize that humanity’s future is intrinsically tied to the health of our oceans. Through the Cousteau Curriculum and virtual educational platforms, Mission 31 hopes to instill a greater appreciation for and understanding of the oceans in a new generation and teach them of the dire need for ocean conservation.

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