Fabien Cousteau

Mission Leader, Executive Producer

Liz Magee

Mission Scientist, Northeastern

Grace Young

Mission Scientist,

Adam Zenone

Mission Scientist, FIU

Andy Shantz

Mission Scientist, FIU

Ryan LaPete

ARB Crew & Mission Specialist

Mark Hulsbeck

ARB Crew & Mission Specialist

Topside Support

Dr. James W. Fourqurean

Science Advisor, FIU

Dr. Mark Patterson

Science Advisor, Northeastern

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Science Advisor, California Academy of Sciences

Saul Rosser

Mission Coordinator

Audra Santoro

Onsite Advisor

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Mission Advisor, Mission Blue

Dr. Robert Wicklund

Mission Advisor, University of North Carolina

Dr. Brian Helmuth

Science Advisor, Northeastern

Dr. Deron Burkepile

Science Advisor, FIU

Dr. Kevin Boswell

Science Advisor, FIU

Aquarius Reef Base Staff


Production Team

Carrie Vonderhaar


Brian Hall


Tom Hamilton


Billy Snook

Lighting Tech

Gregg Fine / Hidden Tiger Music


Education Team

Laura Michelle Hegarty

Education Leader

Jen Hegarty

Education Support

Communications Team

Amy Summers

Media Relations

Brian Lam

Independent Journalist & Photographer

Lori Sica

Social Media